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1962 Gretsch Bop Kit 16-12-14-Snare Black Nitron

We recently picked up a 1962 Gretsch Bop Kit at the Chicago Drum Show. The sizes are 14x16 Bass drum, 8x12 rack tom, 14x14 floor tom and 5x14 snare. Black Nitron wrap. You'd think the original owner would have been psyched enough to own an Black Nitron Gretsch kit a la Tony Williams on Four + More, right? Well, they weren't. They just had to go for that custom-ordered 16” bass drum. Bop- sized 60's Gretsch kits are rare to begin with. The 16” bass drum is the ultra-rare icing on the cake.

On the manuscript that came with the purchase the previous owner makes sure that we know the “14x16 bass drum is NOT a converted floor tom.” He proceeds to prove this to us by pointing out that the bass drum has original Gretsch bass drum edges and zero evidence of the position of the lugs ever being changed. He then goes on to explain that the original 1960's era thick three-ply bass drum hoops would be impossible to fake. Sadly, the original gold inlays of the bass drum hoops were curling and faded. No biggy: they were replaced with original 60's Gretsch silver sparkle inlays. And upon our purchase of the kit, they even threw in the original gold inlays. So, not %100 original but pretty darn close. Somewhere along the line, the original owner added a Ludwig post mount onto the bass drum as a means to raise the small tom higher. No holes were drilled in the mounted tom and the holes drilled into the bass drum are discretely covered with a piece of vintage Black Nitron wrap.

Considering this kit was built in 1962 and it is now the year 2015 I must say that this kit is in really good shape. It's not mint. There are a few scuffs and scratches and slight pitting, but it looks great for a 50+ year-old drum set. All four shells are 6 ply Jasper and have the classic silver painted interior. Oh and there's a mysterious thin coat of lacquer over the interior silver paint. This particular phenomenon has been seen only in a few other 60's Gretsch bop-sized kits from NYC-area pro drummers. Some say it was a practice done by a certain unidentified NYC drum shop (but this is only speculation).

This kit was used as a house rehearsal kit for years, and consequently many professional NYC-area drummers knew these drums well. Pretty cool right? Well check this out...According to the manuscript, it was originally purchased on the recommendation of Elvin Jones who at the time, was using a 16” bass drum himself. You might be thinking “Well, if Elvin Jones recommended this kit, it must sound really good...Alright. That's it. I've heard enough of all this nerdy technical stuff. Please just tell me what the drums sound like!” Okay, okay. I'll tell you. The drums sound incredible. They are animated and resonant. Almost like there's a breathing quality to them. I swear I'll walk by these drums in the shop, start to tap on them, and won't be able to stop. All the while I'll be thinking, “Good call Elvin. Good. Call.”


-Alan Silverman




CHBO Art Series Snare drum

Hand painted by S. Curtis Bowman, built by Chris Bowman.


CHBO Drums Mini Tour

Enjoy a mini tour of our recent products ... including vintage Gretsch, Rogers, Camco, Ludwig, Slingerland, Tama, Leedy, Barry, Duplex ...

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About Crescent Cymbals: CHBO Drums, New Paltz, NY

We thought we would share a little about the cymbals we are carrying from Crescent. Crescent is part of our inventory of cymbals out of Turkey, which includes also T Cymbals and Meinl Byzance. As most drummers and percussionists are well aware, the modern cymbal was developed in Turkey and spread throughout the world, notably by the cymbal pioneers, the Zildjians, earlier during the 20th century.

Crescent cymbals are manufactured in Turkey, and then imported into the US. The Crescent company was started by a group called Cymbal Masters, who originally started off importing a brand called Bosphorus. When the Crescent Cymbal brand was created, it grew out of this beginning, and these cymbals have a similar sound and feel to Bosphorus.

Crescent Cymbals are all made from a proprietary bronze alloy, which they call B20. A B20 alloy in cymbal terms means a 80% copper, 20% tin blend. There are a few different cymbal types in production. At CHBO Drums we have a fairly large selection, and through our website you can also listen to the entire "Master Vault" at Crescent, and order it directly through us at CHBO.

Currently at the store we have the Classic, Eon, Vanguard, and Vintage lines, plus some Stanton Moores and Hammertones, which are signature lines.

The Classic and the Eon are both made from the same basic type of cymbal profile, yet finished differently. They start off as a fairly light weighted cymbal, medium or thin, with a good sized bell. The Classics look like the cymbals we are most used to, as they are fully lathed on top and bottom. The B20 bronze alloy has a fairly dark sound, yet as these are fairly thin they have a quick response and a clean warm tone. The Eon line is only fully lathed on the bottom, and partially lathed on the top. This results in a dryer tone, with more stick definition. Often these cymbals are produced in a thin or extra thin weight, so to produce a fast response without the full lathing. They have great articulation, being thin, yet the partial lathing brings out the stick sound on the cymbal, without getting real washy.

The Vanguard line and the Vintage line, both of which we also have at the store, similarly start out as pretty much the same cymbal as each other before the lathing. Compared to the Classic and Eon basic cymbal, the Vanguard and the Vintage have a smaller bell and Crescent states they are looking here for a cymbal with a rich, low fundamental, with a good stick attack. The Vanguard is a fully lathed cymbal, and is considered a very good choice for jazz tones. A great cymbal for softer music, with a very warm tone and even wash to the sound. Interestingly, the Vintage however are not lathed at all. Therefore they produce a moodier tone, with less wash and a more pointed attack. You can really dig into these cymbals without them washing out, for great articulation at loud volumes, yet producing super clarity at low volumes.

Additionally, Crescent carries two signature models, Jeff Hamilton's Hammertones and Stanton Moore's Fat Hats and Wide Ride collections. We have some of both the Stanton Moore's and the Hammertones here at the store in New Paltz, and available through our online store as well. They have a very cool distinct sound. Originally, both were designed for Bosphurus, and are now part of Crescent. The Stanton Moore types are fully lathed on top, and only partially lathed on the bottom. They tend to be a bit heavier in weight than the other Crescents. These are designed to play all styles of music, and the partial lathing gives them an articulation that enables them to cut through a loud band or mix without really washing out. Jeff Hamilton's Hammertone cymbals are a steeper profile and a wider lathing than the Vanguard line, but has a similar sophisticated warm tone. They are fully lathed top and bottom, and have a very nice, jazz tone.

We are super excited to be carrying these modern Turkish cymbals, and all our Turkish cymbals, from that great cymbal tradition. At CHBO Drums we have a dedicated sound room for trying out cymbals and drums, where you can come and pick exactly what you want. Perhaps bring in the cymbals you have currently and find one that fits in with your set. You have the privacy and place to do it here at the store. But if you can't come in, we have our cymbals on line, with actual recordings of each, recorded at Leopard Studio. And, don't forget the Master Vault, which connects to the Master Vault Collection at the Crescent Headquarters, where you can hear a huge variety of their cymbals, which can be bought and delivered to you through our partnership with Crescent.


Drum Rentals for the Hudson Valley in New Paltz

New Paltz is a great area to roll into for a gig. Now you can roll a little lighter! A lot of bands doing hits around the area are dealing with some limited transportation space issues. Heading up from NYC or elsewhere for a local spot, or a festive party, drummers now don't have to load everything up and fit it in the car (or bus for that matter). We have great drums for rent here at CHBO Drums, plus percussion, and single items too, such as snare drums or cymbals. Give us a call (917) 217-3107 and we'll set you up with the right gear for the gig at the right price too.

Recording some tracks? Recording engineers and producers know: the right drums can make a huge difference to the final product. We can rent you the perfect snare you need have for that certain song, or that kit to really make you sound your best. Maybe your current set is "too rock" or "too jazz" for the group you are recording with. Let us help you sound your best when the red light goes on…


Custom Built Drums from CHBO Drums: Unique Designs

Sparkle, Satin Swirl, Glitter Glass, piano finish exotic natural woods ...... Original abstract art,
.. to create a one of a kind image using the drum shell as the canvas ... not a new concept, but
one we are passionate about. We strive to create a visual as unique as your sound.
We guarantee you wont see these designs anywhere else. Hand painted, hand built drums and percussion instruments.

We highly advise a visit to our Drum Lab; where you can play in our acoustically designed sound booth.

11 Water Street New Paltz, NY 12561 or online at: CHBO and Face Book


CHBO Does Drum and Percussion Repairs in New Paltz NY

CHBO Drums offers all  of drum and percussion repair.... from simple parts replacement to total customization. We love working with creative clients .... from hot rodding your current kit, to getting your gear gig and road worthy. Need rivets in that Ride?
... hardware a little funky? ... shells need refinishing? Drop by and let us take a look. When's the last time you changed those heads? Scary !!!


We are opening our CHBO drum shop in New Paltz, NY!


This week we are spending a lot of time in our new facility in New Paltz NY, where we are opening our shop and doing some of our manufacturing of percussion instruments. New Paltz is a great town to be in, with a thriving local music scene, and also the State University of New York at New Paltz college. For those wanting to travel to see us at our new place, we are only 80 miles north of NYC, just off Main St, which is very convenient to the NY Thruway, right down by the Water Street Market Shops.

Our new place is located near the Rondout Creek, just off Main Street, in an old building that has seen a lot of action over the years. We are making it very cool and beautiful. Chris has built some of the nicest recording studios in NYC over the years, and his talent as a builder is making this place really sweet.

At our drum shop in New Paltz, we will be selling a large selection of drums and percussion, with a depth of inventory not seen in the Hudson Valley for some time (if ever). Stock is coming in everyday, both new and prime vintage pieces, such as "round badge" Gretsch drums and a drum set right from the Howdy Doody Show on Broadway. We have been collecting drums for years, and we have some really interesting classic stuff. Additionally, we are carrying a large selection of drum and cymbal makers, such as Drumcraft, Meinl, T Cymbals, Crescent Cymbals, and many others. We are also manufacturing some of our own percussion instruments.

We can't wait to open. But first we have to finish this construction!


CHBO Drums Established 2013

Chbo Drums is a new venture started by drummer, designer and studio builder Chris Bowman. What we focus on is drums for players - drums for the stage and studio. We have our own line of percussion instruments and sticks, as well as carrying a large selection of quality used and vintage instruments, a very large cymbal collection, as well as one of the best selections of gongs to be found in the North East of the US.

Over the years Chris has designed percussion products for several drum companies, including designing the original and often duplicated "bell blocks". While performing in NY and around the globe for many years, Chris became involved with building some of the best known recording studios in NY City, such as Sterling Sound , The Engine Room and Alicia Keys Studio.

Now living upstate near Woodstock, NY, 80 miles from Manhattan, Chris has started the CHBO Drum Company, where he is creating new products and "hot-rodding" classic drums, dealing cymbals and loving life.