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About Crescent Cymbals: CHBO Drums, New Paltz, NY

Posted August 10, 2014

We thought we would share a little about the cymbals we are carrying from Crescent. Crescent is part of our inventory of cymbals out of Turkey, which includes also T Cymbals and Meinl Byzance. As most drummers and percussionists are well aware, the modern cymbal was developed in Turkey and spread throughout the world, notably by the cymbal pioneers, the Zildjians, earlier during the 20th century.

Crescent cymbals are manufactured in Turkey, and then imported into the US. The Crescent company was started by a group called Cymbal Masters, who originally started off importing a brand called Bosphorus. When the Crescent Cymbal brand was created, it grew out of this beginning, and these cymbals have a similar sound and feel to Bosphorus.

Crescent Cymbals are all made from a proprietary bronze alloy, which they call B20. A B20 alloy in cymbal terms means a 80% copper, 20% tin blend. There are a few different cymbal types in production. At CHBO Drums we have a fairly large selection, and through our website you can also listen to the entire "Master Vault" at Crescent, and order it directly through us at CHBO.

Currently at the store we have the Classic, Eon, Vanguard, and Vintage lines, plus some Stanton Moores and Hammertones, which are signature lines.

The Classic and the Eon are both made from the same basic type of cymbal profile, yet finished differently. They start off as a fairly light weighted cymbal, medium or thin, with a good sized bell. The Classics look like the cymbals we are most used to, as they are fully lathed on top and bottom. The B20 bronze alloy has a fairly dark sound, yet as these are fairly thin they have a quick response and a clean warm tone. The Eon line is only fully lathed on the bottom, and partially lathed on the top. This results in a dryer tone, with more stick definition. Often these cymbals are produced in a thin or extra thin weight, so to produce a fast response without the full lathing. They have great articulation, being thin, yet the partial lathing brings out the stick sound on the cymbal, without getting real washy.

The Vanguard line and the Vintage line, both of which we also have at the store, similarly start out as pretty much the same cymbal as each other before the lathing. Compared to the Classic and Eon basic cymbal, the Vanguard and the Vintage have a smaller bell and Crescent states they are looking here for a cymbal with a rich, low fundamental, with a good stick attack. The Vanguard is a fully lathed cymbal, and is considered a very good choice for jazz tones. A great cymbal for softer music, with a very warm tone and even wash to the sound. Interestingly, the Vintage however are not lathed at all. Therefore they produce a moodier tone, with less wash and a more pointed attack. You can really dig into these cymbals without them washing out, for great articulation at loud volumes, yet producing super clarity at low volumes.

Additionally, Crescent carries two signature models, Jeff Hamilton's Hammertones and Stanton Moore's Fat Hats and Wide Ride collections. We have some of both the Stanton Moore's and the Hammertones here at the store in New Paltz, and available through our online store as well. They have a very cool distinct sound. Originally, both were designed for Bosphurus, and are now part of Crescent. The Stanton Moore types are fully lathed on top, and only partially lathed on the bottom. They tend to be a bit heavier in weight than the other Crescents. These are designed to play all styles of music, and the partial lathing gives them an articulation that enables them to cut through a loud band or mix without really washing out. Jeff Hamilton's Hammertone cymbals are a steeper profile and a wider lathing than the Vanguard line, but has a similar sophisticated warm tone. They are fully lathed top and bottom, and have a very nice, jazz tone.

We are super excited to be carrying these modern Turkish cymbals, and all our Turkish cymbals, from that great cymbal tradition. At CHBO Drums we have a dedicated sound room for trying out cymbals and drums, where you can come and pick exactly what you want. Perhaps bring in the cymbals you have currently and find one that fits in with your set. You have the privacy and place to do it here at the store. But if you can't come in, we have our cymbals on line, with actual recordings of each, recorded at Leopard Studio. And, don't forget the Master Vault, which connects to the Master Vault Collection at the Crescent Headquarters, where you can hear a huge variety of their cymbals, which can be bought and delivered to you through our partnership with Crescent.

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