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Drum Rentals for the Hudson Valley in New Paltz

Posted August 10, 2014

New Paltz is a great area to roll into for a gig. Now you can roll a little lighter! A lot of bands doing hits around the area are dealing with some limited transportation space issues. Heading up from NYC or elsewhere for a local spot, or a festive party, drummers now don't have to load everything up and fit it in the car (or bus for that matter). We have great drums for rent here at CHBO Drums, plus percussion, and single items too, such as snare drums or cymbals. Give us a call (917) 217-3107 and we'll set you up with the right gear for the gig at the right price too.

Recording some tracks? Recording engineers and producers know: the right drums can make a huge difference to the final product. We can rent you the perfect snare you need have for that certain song, or that kit to really make you sound your best. Maybe your current set is "too rock" or "too jazz" for the group you are recording with. Let us help you sound your best when the red light goes on…

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