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We are opening our CHBO drum shop in New Paltz, NY!

Posted August 10, 2014


This week we are spending a lot of time in our new facility in New Paltz NY, where we are opening our shop and doing some of our manufacturing of percussion instruments. New Paltz is a great town to be in, with a thriving local music scene, and also the State University of New York at New Paltz college. For those wanting to travel to see us at our new place, we are only 80 miles north of NYC, just off Main St, which is very convenient to the NY Thruway, right down by the Water Street Market Shops.

Our new place is located near the Rondout Creek, just off Main Street, in an old building that has seen a lot of action over the years. We are making it very cool and beautiful. Chris has built some of the nicest recording studios in NYC over the years, and his talent as a builder is making this place really sweet.

At our drum shop in New Paltz, we will be selling a large selection of drums and percussion, with a depth of inventory not seen in the Hudson Valley for some time (if ever). Stock is coming in everyday, both new and prime vintage pieces, such as "round badge" Gretsch drums and a drum set right from the Howdy Doody Show on Broadway. We have been collecting drums for years, and we have some really interesting classic stuff. Additionally, we are carrying a large selection of drum and cymbal makers, such as Drumcraft, Meinl, T Cymbals, Crescent Cymbals, and many others. We are also manufacturing some of our own percussion instruments.

We can't wait to open. But first we have to finish this construction!

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