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CHBO Drums Established 2013

Chbo Drums is a new venture started by drummer, designer and studio builder Chris Bowman. What we focus on is drums for players - drums for the stage and studio. We have our own line of percussion instruments and sticks, as well as carrying a large selection of quality used and vintage instruments, a very large cymbal collection, as well as one of the best selections of gongs to be found in the North East of the US.

Over the years Chris has designed percussion products for several drum companies, including designing the original and often duplicated "bell blocks". While performing in NY and around the globe for many years, Chris became involved with building some of the best known recording studios in NY City, such as Sterling Sound , The Engine Room and Alicia Keys Studio.

Now living upstate near Woodstock, NY, 80 miles from Manhattan, Chris has started the CHBO Drum Company, where he is creating new products and "hot-rodding" classic drums, dealing cymbals and loving life.