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CHBO Drums

  • Brutalism
  • Brutalism


Woody Witt - Saxaphone, Jim Donica - Bass, Chris Bowman - Drums

Recorded at Safehouse Studio in Kerhonkson NY, 2015, 2018.

From "Chronogram" magazine, Sept 2019: 

Brutalism is a school of architecture that rejects ornamentation, embracing broad, austere surfaces. It seems almost unfair to yoke the marvelous work of this resourceful trio—drummer/percussionist Chris Bowman, bassist Jim Donica, and tenor saxophonist Woody Witt—to such rigid pigeonholing. Nonetheless, a comparable tough-mindedness can be heard throughout this expertly recorded release. The group's rubato rundown of the standard "What's New?" serves as a sort of mission statement, though they are also at home with both hard-swinging, second-generation free jazz, as on the too-brief "Intro," and an embrace of silence and solo statements on "Motif Lite" and "Dakota 2." I generally lament the use of post-production reverb on jazz recordings, but its use here certainly imparts a dark-hued luster to Witt's plangent lines, Donica's resonant arco, and Bowman's shimmering cymbal and gong work. Far from unadorned, Brutalism evinces nearly endless possibility, making me eager to hear this band live.

—James Keepnews